Thursday, July 9, 2015

TAC/EC Memory-2

Memory  小城故事
By June Wu 吳雪容
Hero and Beauty 霸王妖姬
By Sensei Meei-Huey Lin 林美惠
right side of display hall
left side of display hall
Grazynka shaarani
Ikebana Girls - group picture
Carole Yang, June Wu, Chih Huang, Mary Swierczynski, Mee- Huey Lin. Vivian Fu
Grazynka Ahaarani, Betty Tsai and Lynn Lee(Anna Liao, Doris Liu were absent)
The building of Science and Technology Center was the place of Ikebana Exhibition hall. I like the location because the traffic pretty good that will bring more people to come and enjoyed the beautiful flower arrangements. The big scale floor arrangement Memory will open your eyes and bring you into the Ikebana world. The second corner  Burning flowers stood from the floor they are so tall and  reflected Sunflower movement in Taiwan last year 3/18/14.

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