Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Beautiful Impermanence"

outside view of Merion Tribute House

Center piece
Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter 71 was held an Annual Opening Brunch and Demonstration on September 26, 2013.   "Beautiful Impermanence" by Anna Nakada, Ichiyo Master.    Ms. Anna demonstrated both bold architectural arrangements and small classic arrangements and she transformed the environment as we watched. Ichiyo emphasized using mainly natural materials to consider the plant's character. Using structures to position the arrangement, such as crossing of lines and arrangements without a kenzan.(9-26-2013)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wall arrangement in Modern Style

Material:Painted dried allium,yucca and midollino
Life after withered Allium, still as beautiful as fresh. Ms. Lin want us to arrange in " Modern Style", kind of Contemporary design. We can use other materials instead of plant materials.  Therefore I sprayed silver paint on three dried alliums and a flower made from midollino stick and three yucca leaves to illustrate the Modern Art . Also not only paying attention to the arrangement itself but to the surrounding space,wall surface and harmonize it.  (9-10-13)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Harvest Exhibition 2013 (3)

Material: Mum,sunflower,boxwood,driftwood and dried branch.
Material:Spider flower,boxwood and midollino stick
Material: Cockscomb,vine
Material: Dahlia, yucca, mum and hosta leaf.
Material: Carnation,zinnia calla lily leaf and midollinostick
The Exhibit consists of 22 arrangements placed throughout the hall.  Grace Church is grateful to this exhibition's Ikebana practitioners for their effort to come to the church and each person presenting three or five pieces of arrangements. The exhibit included flower arrangements and home grown flowers, vegetables and fruits.
 Ms. Betty Tsai gave us Tea ceremony presentation at 11am to noon . It enriched entire event .Thank you all.  Above were my arrangements.  (8-31-13)

Ikebana and Tea ceremony

 Dear Betty: with a lot of thanks to you for your participation in Grace Church Fall Harvest event, flowers arrangements and especially the presentation of the tea ceremony.  We enjoyed so much of Japanese tea and Taiwanese tea.  It was so cute to meet two future tea masters Luke and his little sister Joelle.  (8-31-13)
Tea ceremony was presented by Betty Tsai
Betty and future tea master
Betty and future tea master
 By Betty Tsai
By Betty Tasi
By Betty Tsai

Fall Harvest Exhibition-2013 (2)

Dear Lynn, I am so thankful and grateful for your friendship to participate Grace Church  Fall Harvest event. Without your support this exhibit would be unable to complete their mission and displayed so beautiful arrangements.

Fall Harvest Exhibition-2013 (1)

Member's home grown vegetables

Flowers from member's gardens.
3 1/2 feet long can you believe ?

By Doris Liu
By Doris Liu
By Mary Swierczynski

Sunflower and driftwood by Doris Liu
By Doris Liu
By Doris Liu

By Mary Swierczynski
The Sixth Annual Fall Harvest Exhibition by members of Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church at Lawrenceville, NJ. was held on August 31, 2013 Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  This year we again have the opportunity to display the art of Ikebana and Tea ceremony in the Grace Church.   Another activities were to sell fresh organic home grown vegetables,Taiwanese style sausages , home made sweets, deserts to raise money for Church at parking lot.
I want to thank my friends Betty, Lynn, Doris and Mary, who participated this event, arranged beautiful arrangement enhanced Grace Church activities and make this exhibition so successful. Jenny Chen, she so kind let me cut Cockscombs from her garden as much as I wanted.  All the vegetable growers who donated to Grace Church, and all the dedicated volunteer workers to Church . Thank you my friends, from bottom of my heart. (8-31-13)