Friday, July 31, 2015

Shofuso Japanese House and garden

Members of II chapter 71 have been providing the Japanese House with beautiful Ikebana arrangements weekly for so many years, Our group was scheduled to arrange the flower  arrangement on July 24,  Shofuso Japanese House and Garden is a traditional-style Japanese house  in Philadelphia's west Fairmount Park from the 1876, Therefore bamboo,pine and mum were perfect to use at main room,Japanese maple and Oriental lily for Entrance where Guests would have been welcome and greeted here..(7-24-15)
At the Entrance
By Chih Huang and June Wu
Main Room  right
By June Wu and Chih Huang
Main Room -center
By Sylvia Wei and Doris Liu
Main room - left
By Lynn Lee and Mary Swierczynski
At corner of Hallway
By Chih Huang and June Wu
Low shelf  between  Entrance and Kitchen
By Lynn Lee
Low shelf between Entrance and Kitchen
By June Wu and Chih Huang
Tea room Tokonoma
By Anna Liao
Display Room
By Sylvia Wei

At corner of Hallway
By Anna Liao

Corner of Hallway
By June wu and Chih Huang

Corner of Hallway
By Lynn Lee and Mary
 Display room
by Doris Liu

End of Tea bridge on shelf
By Anna Liao
Bath room shelf
By Anna Liao
Kitchen Basin
By Mary Swierczynski
Outside of kitchen
By June Wu and Chih Huang
Outside of hallway
By Doris Liu

Thursday, July 9, 2015

TAC/EC-2015 Home is where Heart is -1

" Home is where Heart is"  心的所在-就是故鄉  theme of
The 46 th Taiwanese  American Conference/  East Coast which was held  at East Stroudsburg University PA. on 7/2/15 - 7/5/15 and approximately by 650 attendants not only from East Coast  of US and around the world as well .
This year our Sensei Ms. Lin's group were invited again to design the stage and give Ikebana Exhibition to display the flower arrangements.  Our program included Sensei Ms. lin's lecture Introduction and Philosophy of Ikebana on 1:30 pm-2;15 pm, Three Demonstrations on  2:30 pm- 3:30 pm.  and Workshop on  3:40 pm - 5:00 pm July 3.
It was super indeed! We got many comments for our works. They admired our devotion, and harmony.

Stage design by Lititia Chen
Home is where Heart is 心的所在-就是故鄉
Stage design by Lynn Lee.
Home is where Heart is 心的所在-就是故鄉

TAC/EC Memory-2

Memory  小城故事
By June Wu 吳雪容
Hero and Beauty 霸王妖姬
By Sensei Meei-Huey Lin 林美惠
right side of display hall
left side of display hall
Grazynka shaarani
Ikebana Girls - group picture
Carole Yang, June Wu, Chih Huang, Mary Swierczynski, Mee- Huey Lin. Vivian Fu
Grazynka Ahaarani, Betty Tsai and Lynn Lee(Anna Liao, Doris Liu were absent)
The building of Science and Technology Center was the place of Ikebana Exhibition hall. I like the location because the traffic pretty good that will bring more people to come and enjoyed the beautiful flower arrangements. The big scale floor arrangement Memory will open your eyes and bring you into the Ikebana world. The second corner  Burning flowers stood from the floor they are so tall and  reflected Sunflower movement in Taiwan last year 3/18/14.

TAC/EC 2015 -Wide Lily Movement -3

Wide Lily Movement 野百合之戀
by Chih Huang 杜智惠

Bottom of my Heart 心思所在
By Chih Huang 杜智惠
Reaching up Tall 高昇
By Mary Swierczynski  瑪莉

Strength 揚眉吐氣
By June Wu 吳雪容

A Wonder in the Desert 沙漠奇觀
By Doris Liu 張秀美
It's Beautiful out There!  眺望
By Betty Tsai 林麗芸
Dacing in the Wind 隨風起舞
By Betty Tsai 林麗芸
Wide Lily Movement and Sunflower Movement although there were twenty four years apart but it represent the raging waves of democracy in Taiwan.

The Ikebana Exhibition included:

  1. Ms. Lin's lecture "Introduction and Philosophy of Ikebana.
  2. Three demonstration by Betty Tsai, Lititia Chen and June Wu.
  3. Workshop conducted by Grazynka Shaarani.

Peace of Mind  塵夢禪心
By June Wu 吳雪容

TAC/EC 2015-Burning flowers-4

Burning Flowers花燃ゆ
By Chih huang 杜智惠 
Demo.Basic Upright Style Moribana
By Betty Tsai
Demo.Combined Styles  Moribana and Nageire
By Lititia Chen
Full of Tenderness 含情脈脈
By Carole Hsu 楊遠薰
The star is Born
By Lititia Chen 陳月娟
Harmony 和聲,融諧相處
By Vivian Fu 林郁子
Dancing in the Early Summer初夏之舞
By Anna Liao  張圓
Three cups of Tea 以茶會友
By Chih Huang 杜智惠
Nature Melody 自然組由
By Lynn Lee 陳玲珠
We name each arrangements so that it can communicate with audience themselves.
 Since every one of our members has passionately devoted to Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement.and have expressed their bountiful and creative arrangements under Ms. Lin's instruction and make this event so successful.  (7-5-15)