Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ikebana exhibition at Longwood Gardens

I went to Longwood gardens yesterday.There were some displays from many different Ikebana schools. Such as Ikenobo school, Ohara school,Sogetsu school and Ichiyo school. Every arrangements were so beautiful. Japanese flower arrangements are for pure delight and enjoyment and never judged.

Ikebana exhibition at Longwood Gardens

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spreading Arrangement

Spreading arrangement is the one which is laid out directly on table or on the cloth on it without using any fixing utensils or containers. Use long-lasting materials which can keep in good shape without water. This is my second try, I did it today again. Ms. Lin suggested I used "Hanadome structure" to bring height of the arrangement. The most common style is to arrange the base part with the leaves or branches or combination with both and arrange different shapes and colors freely. I used Bittersweet branches ,Junipers and yellow Mums to complete this assignment. (11-03-09)

Variation No.2 Slanting Style Moribana

This style is Shin and Soe which are placed in the front but widely apart. Shin reaches out, and Soe completes the extended line. And the flower of Hikae is to view behind the two branches of Shin and Soe, and it gives the arrangement more depth. It is amazing that my Black-eyed Susans still blossom in November. I purchased three Ikebana containers three weeks ago from the flea market , which is very beautiful. This is one of them. " Somebody's trash might be somebody's treasure" right?(11-03-09)