Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paper wrapping -combines two styles become one larger arrangement

Having found it out that wrapping paper design is very useful ,beautiful and very practical for fund raising table arrangement, Ms Lin asked me try to combine two different styles and become a one larger arrangement. Here is my creation: wrapping paper to a tall big carton tube. I saved the wrapping paper of sweet rice cake box which I purchased from Japan. The other one was using three gold painted bamboo to support flowers and especially designed wrapping paper to be the container. I am very happy with the result. (2-21-2012)

Paper warpping arrangement

We watched a slide show at the class all about paper wrapping and contemporary designs before the class.
The bottom three pictures were taken from teacher's Demo after the class. (2-21-2012)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abstract or Contemporary Composition

Ms. Lin wanted us to work on Abstract or Contemporary arrangement since we had finished
four text books. This was my composition for today's assignment.
Piercing through mandarins to a leaf of tiger tail with tooth picks to complete my abstract design. I am very proud to tell you that the container was my first work at my ceramic class. (2-21-21012)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sengan-En ( Iso- Teien) 仙巖園

We visited the history of Satsuma, history of Shimadzu family and the garden. The Satsuma Clan opened its eyes to foreign countries earlier than anyone else. The Satsuma students dispatch to England dynamically contributed the modernization of new Japan and "The Meiji Restoration" movement. The top pictures were Princess Atsuhime's lifestyle, a talented lady who married to the 13th Shogun and dedicated her life to the continuance of the Tokugawa family in the late Edo period. Inside the garden bright red Peony still booming, they named this special red peony "Sengan-En red".(1-20-2012)