Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kurobe Gorge, Tateyama 黑部峽谷和立山

Those pictures were taken from inside the train

The bridge built for monkey to cross river

The original resident 

Hurobe Dam

Having seen modern and historical Japan, It is time to see the beauty of natural Japan.
The Kurobe Gorge was carved by the Kurobe river, a deep,steep sided canyon with breathtaking cliffs dropping straight into water of the upper and middle basins of the Kurobe river. The rugged terrain has allowed the Kurobe Gorge to remain in its natural state.  For a truly inspirational journey.we took the train along the Kurobe Gorge railroad that runs through the Gorge and experienced its beautiful untouched forests and steep cliffs.
The Kurobe Gorge Railway, a sightseeing train originally built to aid the construction of the Kurobe Dam. The exciting 80 minutes journey leads across more than 20 bridges and through over 40 tunnels and offers visitors panoramic views of the gorge below.  The trains stop at a few stations along the way where visitor can get off and explore. (10-15-14)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Noto peninsula , Kagaya (能登半島,加賀屋)

"Senmaida " literally means one thousand rice paddies
Mitsukejima rock: one of the most popular spots of the coastal area

This was our lunch -Chirashi at local restaurant 

Arrangement in Kagaya

Kagaya  lobby's flower arrangement
Arranged in the water
In the water arrangement 

The  musician  performed a Japanese music
Dinner at Kagaya

Performance of drummer during the dinner
Can you count how many dishes?

We came to Wajima because it Asaichi market (morning market)  has been around in Wajima for hundreds of years and is a place you can buy local produce,seafood and other produces. But due to typhoon 19 we found nobody there but us next morning.
In the Noto Peninsula you discovered different side of Japan.   It is a place where traditional fishing,forest and agriculture method are preserve to this day.Peninsula is know for its beautiful coastal scenery.
At lunch time we stop at local restaurant which Dean found 海よ友よfrom online; a typical Japanese restaurant their Chirashi was excellent and price was the best.
That night we stay at  Wakura onsen hotel " Kagaya" is being continuously won the overall "first place" for" 33 years in a row"
Open air private onsen tub
Because our youngest daughter came with us (3 in 1 room) in return we had biggest room plus open air private onsen tub. Are they interesting ?(10-14-14)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kanazawa and Wajima 金澤和輪島

Kenrokuen 兼六園

The view of  Kenrokurn

Farmous Kenrokuen garden 
Giant pine
Gaint pine was supported by bamboo

 Tea house in old street  

Route-in hotel at Wajima
During the Edo period Kanazawa served as the seat of the Maeda Clan, the second most powerful feudal clan after the Tokugawa in terms of rice production and fief size.  Accordingly, Kanazawa grew to become a town of great achievements in cultural,
Today; Kanazawa remains an important city in its region and serves as the capital of Ishikawa prefecture. The city boasts of many historical attractions such as resorted residences districts, as well as moderns museums. But Kanazawa unchallenged main attractive in Kenrokuen, one of Japan's "three best landscape gardens" an by many considered the most beautiful of them all.
Kenrokuen was renovated by Maeda family in 1822, The huge pine branches were too heavy to stand up required so many giant bamboo to support in the pond and became a very special and unique scenes in the garden.
We stop at local market for lunch it was rainy day due to typhoon 19 was landing at east coast. Ohmicho-ichiba were seafood market we enjoyed sushi and grilled sea food there. Afternoon we arrived Wajima wind and rain were so heavy it was impossible took walk to restaurant, taxi become only means to reach seafood restaurant. You can't image how the 18 peoples made to restaurant to have dinner on cat and dog night. (10-13-14)