Thursday, February 27, 2014

Focusing on the Uses of water

Artist -  June Wu
Artist - Mary Swierczynski
Artist - Mary  Swierczynski
There are various ways of using water, such as emphasizing the water surface or showing water through a transparent vase.
My classmates June and Mary, using clear container to create so beautiful and clever arrangement. Mary,combined two different shapes of containers to pile them up in order to secure the branch also to show various features of the water.  (2-25-14)

Sansevieria Leaf

Materials: Sansevieria Leaf, mum, golden rush
Container: Ceramic vase
 I used three  leaves of sansevieria for the arrangement in the class. The sansevieria leaf is a very thick will last for a very long time.  After class, I reused it  to manipulate and arranged in a contemporary way. (2-25-14)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine

Materials: Winter red berry, Lily
container: Ceramic vase
Today is valentine, but we just got a heavy snow storm attacked again yesterday with 10" or more snow around our area.  It was so pretty the scene of field and woods remind the movie from Dr.Chivago.
My neighbor Barbara and Bill gave me some white lilies.  In return, I arranged this arrangement wishing them have a  very happy Valentine's day with attachment by email.  (2-14-2014)

Monday, February 3, 2014


Materials: Pine and mini sunflower
Container: Ceramic vase 
Old arrangement with new flowers

Its snowed again today! I wished those sunflowers can bring nice weather for us tomorrow. I bought a bundle of mini sunflowers on the lunar new year's day after having celebrated in the restaurant with group of friends.  Pine was left over from previous arrangement, I felt sorry not to finish it.  I spent two dollars for mini sunflowers. Its make me occupied and happy on the snowing afternoon.(2-3-2014)