Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Variation No.3 Upright Style Moribana

Variation No.3 Upright Style Moribana means Soe is shifted to the front-right with 45 degree and Hikae is in the center keeping 75 degree inclination. The sunny yellow Double-flowered Daffodil(Narcissus 'Fortune') blossom in my garden.It is so pretty in spring, and Lilac just begin to spot new leaves. I combined those two spring materials to arrange my assignment. I like it very much because it shows the new life. (4-06-2010)

Free Style

Cherry blossoms in Yardley, Pa. Spring is the most beautiful season for flowers. I was surprised after two weeks vacation, climate has been changed. The container was made of PVC pipes which I made in early this year class (January 19). Be aware of the heavy materials on top. Some technique should be applied.(4-06-2010)