Friday, March 21, 2014

Free Style

Arranged at class 
Materials: Withered sunflower, Mum,vine, philodendron and pine
Container: Ceramic suiban  by Chih Huang
Arranged at home a day after

We were prepared for the showy style, as if it puts up a exhibition at Taiwanese East Coast Summer Conference.  Therefore I used the big philodendron leaves and heavy vine to create a large arrangement.  Ms. Lin gave me some suggestions, using a large sunflower instead of mum behind the arrangement.

Basic Slanting Style - Variation No 2

Materials: Dried branch, calla lily and monstera.
Container: Ceramic  suiban
 I believe to build up a strong foundation is the best way to improve our Ikebana skill.  Today we reviewed Variation No 2 Slanting Style in Moribana.  I paid attention to every placement and angles, the flower of Hikae is viewed behind the two branches and it gives the arrangement more depth.  I like this arrangement very much.(3-18-2014)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ikebana at Philadelphia flower show 2014 (6)

Materials: Black pine, sunflower, red berry, golden rod and painted bamboo
Container: Ceramic vase
This was my arrangement displayed at Philadelphia Flower Show 2014, third rotation from Friday (3-7-14) to Sunday (3-9-14) show closed at 6 pm.  My teacher Ms. Lin and my classmate came with me and helped me set up on Thursday night (3-6-14) after 9 pm when show closed and worked until 10:30 pm got home well passed midnight.  Although we prepared for so many weeks earlier I was still nervous since this was my first time to arrange for so big event.  I was very happy and proud to have this honor and should thank to my teacher Ms. Lin to give me this great opportunity and also my good friend Mrs.Lynn Lee to help and support me .

Ikebana at Philadelphia flower show 2014-(5)


Ikebana at Philadelphia Flower Show 2014 (4)

Flower show involved so many peoples and volunteer workers. I had two hours volunteer at Ikebana section as host . Those beautiful pictures were taken from second rotation March 4, 2-4 pm. All the arrangements were provided by members of Ikebana International Philadelphia charter #71.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where Art meets Horticulture -PHS 2014 (3)

Grounds For Sculpture is partnered with Michael Bruce florist for the flower show

Dancing the Dream