Friday, October 9, 2015

Using glass container as a focal point

Ms. Lin gave me a chance to arrange for the class. I used two different size of pink glasses. Since we have focused on the glass therefore we should  not over arrange. The other small glass was a  hand made soy sauce bottle which I purchased in Hokkaido Japan  two years ago. The combination of two glass containers really makes this arrangement very delicate and beautiful.(10-06-2015)
Materials: Hollyhock, hydrangea,gloriosa lily leave and tiny flower.
Container: Glass container.

Fall arrangement- for Thanksgiving

 Book 4-5 a Variety of materials which is arranged as a Fall arrangement.   Our group will be in Taiwan on November 12-15  for the 13th Asian Regional Conference, so this arrangement is for both Fall and for Thanksgiving as well.(10-06-2015)
Materials: Hydrangea,variety of mum, fruit branch,,rose Mary and ornamel guard
Container: Ceramic suiban and coii