Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Massed Expression

At last, I find this picture. We had this class last May. "Mass" is a term used in the field of art meaning a lump or an aggregate. In Ikebana, a mass is one way of composing arrangements by assembling the materials together into a certain shape. An entire arrangement can be composed of a single mass, or can be made by combining two or more masses.(5-12-09)

Variation No.4 Slanting Style Moribana

This is the one in which Soe is missing from basic slanting style. It is a beautiful style, which I love the most. In this style, it is important to emphasize the beauty created by omission. As this arrangement does not have Soe, it shows distinct strength and lightness also. It is quite a surprise to have Black-eyed Susans still blossom in mid - October in my back yard. I got this beautiful Japanese Ikebana container at a flea market last week. I was so excited to find it. (10-20-09)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Basic Upright Style Nageire

We repeated this basic upright style today. This is to train us to arrange correctly. After class we watched the DVD which showed "The International Ikebana Seminar" held in Yokohama, Japan in March, 2001. Wide eye opened after number of masters of different schools exhibited their works at the stage.(10-06-09)

Free style

Wood is a powerful material for Ikebana. I spent three afternoons to dig dead walking stick from my backyard. I planted this walking stick thirteen years ago, because curly branches were so interesting and beautiful. But I don't know what happened she faded away this year. This is a big arrangement 36"x76". I got susuki (pampas grass) which grew by the country road and hydrangeas to complete this assignment. (10-06-09)