Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday arrangement

Materials: Pine's branch,mum, white mizuhiki,painted
PVC pipe,root and a piece of trunk.
Container: Cup kenzan

Traditional trio of pine and mum make a bold impression by adding red painted PVC creating a festive  mood of this arrangement.  The Goddess of spring is said to dwell in pine trees for the new year to bring happiness to all. (12-18-12)

Only one kind of material

Materials: Different types and colors of mums.
Container: ceramic vase.
Vertical composition in one kind of material ,using different types and colors of mums and the placement order of seven chrysanthemum arrangement.  Ms. Lin likes it, so do I. It looks very energetic and cheerful. (12-18-12)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Materials:Pine, red carnation, mizuhiki (Japanese paper strings),old branch.
Others:  Cup kenzan, Japanese tray. painted black bamboo.
 Traditional Japanese style arrangement for New Year. The tray was arranged slanting and created more lively movement and gold ,silver mizuhiki add up to a festive mood. My classmates they are all struck by this arrangement. This slanting branch was given by my teacher and looks very elegant but powerful, indeed.(12-4-12)

Merry Christmas

Materials; Holly branch, red berry,white  mum, red carnation.
Container :Olive color's glass vase.
Others: Pebble stone, golden spray.
Colors for a Holiday arrangement include gold, silver, red,white and green. This is my Ikebana style of a holiday arrangement for Christmas. I like it very much they are assembled magnificently to create a dramatic impression.  The beautiful container was a gift from my son in Boston.  We had a potluck lunch after class, dinner table arrangement arranged by our teacher Ms. Lin.  Food was delicious and table was pretty. We enjoyed today's class  as well as potluck lunch. (12-04-12)