Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Iris Arrangement

It is the show time for Iris. At today's class, our assignment is using Iris as a main part in the arrangement. The basic style of arranging these flowers is to enclose a small numbers of flowers nicely with large numbers of leaves. And normally arranged in a shallow container in order to show the water, but you can also use a basket as a container to make it look more delicate . Ms. Lin demonstrated compositions of straight lines and arrangement of Iris today. I used horse tail to make it look taller with three Japanese Iris and a lot of leaves to complete my assignment. It looks soft and graceful.(5-18-2010)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

With Branches only

Receiving Ms. Lin's e-mail, I was so glad I didn't throw away those branches last week. Making an arrangement only with branches using two or more kinds was today's assignment. Studying the different characteristics of branches such as their shape, and try to make the most of their unique features is important. Those handsome Heavenly blue's branches combining with flowering Azalea branches, created an artistic expression. I am so delighted for the arrangement. (5-4-2010)

Free Style - Using Hosta Leavess

Using at least five Hosta leaves with other materials, creates a contemporary style of arrangement. This was required for today's lesson. Hosta is a easy grown perennials, are valued for their decorative foliage. They all produce wide, handsome leaves. I love Hosta and have different varieties of them. I used some of them for today's class , along with three Allium from my backyard, and thus completed my creation. I am quite happy with it. ( 5-4-2010)