Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Technique- Teacher's Demon.

Today we leaned a new technique to arrange the composition of straight lines. Ms. Lin used Bamboo and fresh cut Wheat for materials to show us. In order to secure the Bamboo, she used a piece of wood with nails, some were 3 or4 a group and some 1 or 2, depending on your design. So to use nail instead of big long Kenzan is a very good idea and cheaper for this kind of arrangement. This piece of wood with nails was treated as a big Kenzan.(10-19-2010)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

showing lines at Base

This is a composition which requires extra attention to the relationship between the container and the materials. Trimming materials to create a sense of artistic simple form is important for this lesson. I used discolored Maple branches, almost bare Bittersweet branches and one stem of Autumn mums. My teacher said I did very well in this assignment. (10-19-2010)

Variation No.6 Horizontal Style Nageire

Horizontal style is placed Shin almost horizontally(85 degrees) or extended nearly to the side from the mouth of the vase. And make sure each of the three main stems are 120 degrees apart from one another. I used beautiful Berry branches for Shin and Soe with Dahlia and Autumn mums to complete this assignment . I like this arrangement very much.(10-19-2010)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn is coming

Autumn splendor arrives in the northeast areas. One favorite is taking place in nature's rainbow show, the leaves were changing their colors. In today's class we arranged "Autumn is coming", in which I used dried burning bush branch, bittersweet, maple leaves, dahlia and marigolds to arrange and create the fall scenery. The dahlia and marigold's colors repeated golden and deep orange color of bittersweet. My teacher ripped off some leaves of the branch, the dried leaves falling down to the table. I felt, the real Autumn was coming. (10-5-2010)

Variation No.4 Hanging Style Nageire

Hanging Style means you arrange Shin downward from the mouth of the vase. Its angle is prescribed about 135 degrees at maximum. To do so,choose a branch which is soft and in hanging shape or one which can be bent. I like this style,for the tip of branch sustains the strength of the main stem and shows its character. I got my branches from township baseball field on one rainy day. I walked around and waited for 15 min. for police car was there. My classmate said the branches were beautiful and graceful, so I thought it was worth to wait. Two pastel roses were the last roses of summer from my yard. (10-5-2010)