Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Using Fresh and Unconventioal Material

Material: Yucca  leave,Spider mum, Crouton.
Container: Golden wire as container (Cup kenzan only).
This is a new assignment for us to arrange in an abstract way.

Nageire Style

Material:Japanese pieris, Zinnia, Sedum, pink wildflower
Container: Self made ceramic vase
I arranged Variation No3. Upright style,because I want to combine Zinnia and Sedum in the low position effectively and created artistic tension to the arrangement..

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Harvest Exhibition -2012

Material: Sunflowers, Golden rod and dried vine
Container : Self made ceramic vase
Material: Bamboo,Orchid and Mugo pine
Container:Therrmo-stat for tea pot - made of bamboo
Material: Azalea branches,Heliopsis and yellow pompon
Container: Ceramic vase.  (Arrangement for demonstration)
 Fall Harvest Exhibition has become Grace Church's tradition to celebrate Fall's harvest. And show our gratitude to God's Grace and Unlimited love. I also want to thank my teacher Ms. Lin, my friends Betty, Doris, Lynn and Vivian for their continuous support . The event was a great success,without  their participation and help this mission would be unable to accomplish.

Fall Harvest Exhibition 1 -2012

Fall Harvest Exhibition 2 -2012


Fall Harvest Exhibition 3 -2012