Friday, June 28, 2013


Prosthechea Prismatocarpum- species
C Skinneri' Debbie'

Mtssa. Kauai's choice 'tropical Fragrance'

Pearl S.Buck Birthday Festival

Frame of structure arranged a day earlier by Meei-Huey Lin & June Wu.
Center piece was completed next morning, materials.were orchid, mum and bamboo.

 Created by Ann Perry,who is president of Philadelphia chapter 71.

Created by Lititia Chen
 June 26-28, 2013   at Historic House of Pearl S Buck. Birthday Festival and Grand Opening of Her Restored National Historic House and Award-Winning Gardens were held  in honor of  Pulitzer and Noble prize Author and Humanitarian to celebrate the  121st birthday. Ikebana International Philadelphia Charter participated in this special event.  Artist ; Ann Perry, Meei-Huey Lin, June Wu and Lititia Chen.  My Sensei Ms. Meei-Huey Lin and her senior student June Wu created a huge artistic arrangement on the 8 x 5 ft table, under field like tent. And we were very grateful had a chance to help for playing a part of it. (6-26-13)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

View from Above

This arrangement will be viewed from any angles as well as from above. I chose Yucca and Sunflower not only to coordinate the color and to express the beauty of line.  And using the rectangular wide open container to show the water. Two different mats made difference in expression. (6-18-13)

Free style-with basket

Hydrangea,Astilbe,Asiatic lily, Daisy, Scabiosa, Hosta,Yellow hammwer

It is not easy to arrange all the flowers in one arrangement. Here are five different of flowers which were picked from my own garden and arranged in one basket.(6-18-13)

Friday, June 7, 2013

One kind of material - Branch only

Material: Dogwood branches
Container: Ceramic suiban
Variation No.1 Upright Style Moribana
Using branches for one kind of material only,we have more room for us to create and arranging. Without kenzan, there is more challenge to arrange it.  The dogwood branches were provided by Doris. The close look of this arrangement will show you details of technique without kenzan. Two cross bars secured the bottom of the branch and interlock the third branch at top. It was clever indeed.(6-4-13)
We back to the basic,  emphasized in trimming the branches and place Shin,Soe and Hikei at the proper position in the container.(6-4-13)

Free style

 I found red carnations in trash box after class. Using zebra grasses,I created the unique lines and  natural looks.(6-4-13)
Materials: Red carnation , zebra grass.
Container: Ceramic suiban