Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free style arranging in horizontal

Free style means you do not have to follow any rules on lengths and angles of stems. Choose your favorite container, materials and shapes available. Horizontal style has been exercised in this lesson. At the beginning I used Dogwood branches. Ms.Lin wanted me to change the branches with smaller leaves . I could see the difference before and after the arrangements. (9-15-09)

Repeating Similar Forms or Shapes

In this class, we have to make a composition with rhythm by presenting the repeated form or shape in the arrangement. Any form or shape of any varied sizes can be used as long as the same form or shape is repeated. Bending willow branches and heavenly blues to make the same shape as the container and repeated through all the arrangement.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Harvest Exhibition 4

Flower Arrangement part 2.
With a lot of thanks to all the people who participated this event.
Especially thanks to Mrs.Judy Chiang and Mrs.Julia Chou, who worked very hard from Friday until Sunday.

Harvest Exhibition 3

Flower arrangements by Mrs. Betty Tsai, Mrs. Lynn Lee , and I (Chih Huang). Thank you very much for your kindness to created so beautiful arrangements.

Harvest Exhibition 2

These are our vegetable tables. Produced by our church members and friends, who had been working very hard to cultivate healthy and beautiful vegetables. Thanks all.

Harvest Exhibition 1

This is Harvest Exhibition at church Sept.5th 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Variation No. 1 upright style Nageire

This is one of basic styles of Nageire. Ms. Lin want us to pay attention to all the diagram right. In order to have the depth and the three-dimensional aspect expressed in this style. Japanese maple branches and golden Dahlia have been used in this arrangement. (9-1-09)