Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lunar New Year festival

Materials:Black pine,Mum,Bamboo,Mizuhiki,Cali graph.
Container: Bamboo steamer.

This was a huge arrangement , I arranged at Mercer oak party hall for New Jersey Lunar New Year party.
4 1/2' x 3' center piece was behind the podium and front of banquet table. Red painted bamboo, yellow mums and pine bring happiness, fortune and long life. The Cali graph symbolizes Spring; saying the New Year to bring  new hopes to all.  For traditional Lunar New Year in Taiwan, we eat rice cake, sweet rice cake etc. and bamboo steamer was the utensil to make rice cake. This bold arrangement shows each material to its best and also created festive mood for New Year.(2-23-2013)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simplified Arrangement

Materials: Bare branch, mum.
Containers: Ceramic vase
Using two containers to arrange this assignment,  need  to concentrate on trimming process, and give the maximum expression possible by simplifying the composition to its limit. (2-09-2013)

Snow is coming

Materials: Painted dried leaves of cat tail, mum,baby's breath.
Container: Ceramic vase.
 Blizzard is bearing down on northeast again. Some area  were facing 2 to 3 feet of snow with no power. We were so lucky to have less snow and with power.  This was our Feb. 5th assignment; white bare branches or leaves and white flowers, which represented outside snow scene right now.(2-9-2013)