Monday, December 20, 2010


Dec.16, 2010 was last lesson of our Ikebana class . After which ,we had ten people attended the luncheon at Yantze restaurant, saying thanks to our master,for the hard work in the past year . The food was excellent,we really enjoy the gourmet cuisine.
I was inspired by my friend Lynn, who encouraged me to post orchids which I had planted for some years. The top one is White Bridal Yuki x Hawaiian Wedding song "Virgin".

BL.Mem.Bernice Foster. I was surprised, for first time it bloomed three flowers after some years.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Horizontal Composition-New Years arrangement

This is New Year arrangement in Horizontal composition. With no rule as to the ratio between vertical length and the horizontal width for the composition. Use the materials which look beautiful by being horizontally. Keep simple,it gives you a good chance to observe the plants and discover the characteristics. Pine, Bamboo,...Mizuhiki are traditional materials for New Year in Eastern Style. You can see some of them in my arrangement, combined yellow mums small red carnations and painted silver branches to complete my assignment. (12-14-2010)

Vertical Composition

There is no rule for vertical length and horizontal width in this lesson. Look the materials carefully, using the beauty of the natural lines which the plants originally have at upward tip and make vertical composition. The composition in this lesson is rather simple, but keep plants characteristic . (12-14-2010)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday arrangement

In today's class, we had four choices but pick two for class. Above two were my teacher's new years arrangement. She placed the arrangement at corner of stairway with pines ,calla lilies,mums,black branches and mizuhiki(Japanese paper strings)very beautiful indeed. The first one was added on Dec.14.Miss Lin changed flowers and became another arrangement. The bottom is my Holiday arrangement. Pines, poinsettia, white mums and shiny accessory all were traditional materials for holiday.(12-07-2010)

Two or more containers

The containers can be chosen and coordinated as wished. The expression of soft to strong, tall ,firm to short, gentle, or same material compliment to each other. You need to pay attention the placement of the containers, such as front and back or side by side . Holiday is approaching, in this arrangement, I used berries, hollies,pines and white mums for my assignment . (12-07-2010)