Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

2000 Cherry trees were standing at Tidal Basin for 100 years which were the gifts from Japanese in 1912. Last Friday was a beautiful warm day perfect to walk along shores, it took us three hours to complete entire basin. I found some interesting shapes of cherry tree to look at. You will embrace the stunning diversity of nature. (3-23-12)

All about Ikebana

This was the first time for me to use Bird of Paradise to make an arrangement. Since I finished four text books I wanted to put some interesting shapes and harmonious colours for my Ikebana. We learned from Sogetsu school , which was founded in 1927. It has nowadays the greatest number of members in the world. (3-20-12)

Emphasize on the lines with new shooting

It is the time of the year the new leaves or flowers are coming on most of the branches. You know spring has arrived. It is so beautiful and cheerful. I found those forsythia branches with good shape of straight lines, made my arrangement so interesting. I love it. (3-20-12) The container was created by myself. (5"x14") I will try to make another similar container. Ms. Lin told me two are better for Ikebana arrangement.

Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Philadelphia International flower show - Ikebana

2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show -Ikebana

I was volunteer two hours shift at the last day of flower show for Ikebana International. It was fabulous, spectacular and beautiful!

2012 Philadelphia International flower show- Hawaii

The fantastic head pieces made from many many Hawaiian flowers,made it so interesting. It was a master piece,I like it very much.