Thursday, December 18, 2014

You in Ikebana -on holidays

Materials: Holly, winterburry, pointetia and painted bamboo
Container: Ceramic vase created by chih
My sensei Ms. Lin would like us to arrange this expressing arrangement. It can reflect the one's thinking either now or past.  Ikebana was always my passionate and now I able to arrange the flower also can create my own container for my Ikebana in the golden age.  I thanks God's grace and mercy special on Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus.    (12-16-2014)
Center piece for the Christmas party in Grace Church on 12-21-14

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The winter is here

Materials: dried branch and banana leave, calla lily and baby breaths.
container: ceramic suiban
The trees are bare and the ground is all covered with the dried leaves.   It is the scene of winter.  We had couples of snow shows but big one yet to come according to what people predicted.
Here is my arrangement for scene of winter.(12-16-2014)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dried materials and midollinos

Materials: Branches,hydrangea,philodendron  pepper and midollinos
Container : Ceramic vase.
Ms. Lin's Demo- Branches,midollinos and calla lily
An  assignment for this class is using dried branches which Ms. Lin gave to us and created a design with midollino's stick.  I was inspired by persimmon's tree this trip of Japan . Three persimmons made from midollino sticks were hanged on the dried branches and a spider web on it. (11-25-2014)

Thanksgiving arrangement

Today is the November's only class and two days before Thanksgiving holiday. So here we are using fruits and vegetable for thanksgiving arrangement to thank God for he so kind to us,thanks our country to protect us, our community,friends,family and everything we have .  We are so lucky indeed. (11-25-2014)  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Satojima 佐渡島,君の名は

The movie「君の名は」was shot in here (Satojima)
Beautiful coast line

Author 菊田一夫     and   His famous movie   「請問芳名」-9/15/1953 by 岸惠子 and 佐田啟ニ
The movie was a big hit when its played in Taiwan so many years later , I still remembered people stood in the line waiting to purchase the ticket even they had three parts.
Dean sang the song of「君の名は」 in front of  the monument (big stone) with another tourist. We were moved by them.
Shukunige village
Ship shaped Warehouse
Wood tub-shaped boats
Sato island lies off the coast of Nijgate prefecture and is one of the Japan's largest island. A way of life that respects the environment to exist in harmony with nature the true Japanese spirit.
Ogi town located on Sato island's southern coast is a small port town know for taraibune (wood tub -shaped boats)  were originally used for collecting seaweed from the water around Ogi and became a tourist attraction today .
Shukunige Village used to be a ship building town and a number of its house are built out of lumber salvaged from boats hulls.  The entire village had preserved its old town looks until  today. (10-17-2014)