Monday, April 20, 2015

Ikebana International Demonstration by Hata Sensei

 Ikebana International New York Chapter held  Luncheon and Demonstration on April 7th,  2015 at Nippon Club by Sogetsu Riji  Ms.Judith Hata Sensei.
We were so excited  to enjoy delicious Japanese Bento box lunch and saw Ms.Hata Sensei performed a very powerful demonstration.   It was a meaningful event  although we took train from Pa. but its really worth a trip to New York. (4-07-15)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Arrangement with plants on the wall cooperate with the arrangement on the floor

Materials: Cherry,forsythia ,mum,sunflower
Container: Baskets 

Two baskets were used in this arrangement. I hanged the flat one on the wall arranged with forsythia, mum sunflower and green leaf cooperated with the arrangement used same material and adding cherry branches in a big basket on floor.  It is time for golden forsythia and cherry blossom. We smelled the air of spring at last. (4-14-15)


Materials: Vine,sunflower and philodendron
Container: ceramic vase( created by Chih)