Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special Spaces -.Arrange at 4 foot tall corner.

This time, teacher gave us a special assignment arranged in a 90-degree angle to form a corner with 4 foot tall wall.
Two Demo from our teacher, one was tall and skinny, the other was extended to one side to show its beauty. I used painted black branch with 3 purple alliumns and cut maples. It stand out at corner, very pretty indeed. (5-17-2011)

Paying Attention to the container and to the place where the arrangement will be Put

The naturally curved line of tulip stretched toward one side and artistic tension is created between this and the container placement. Hananome technique has been used for securing the burning bush branches and all the flowers. My teacher and my classmates like this arrangement so do I. (5-17-2011)

Friday, May 6, 2011

In a Suiban without Kenzan

It is hard to arrange a composition on a suiban without using the kenzan. At least three branches standing with their upper parts intersecting with one another and to be secure in place. How to fix branches in position is the decisive factor of the overall composition. You may use nails or wires for fixing the branches, but they must be finished unnoticeable. In this composition my teacher allowed me to fix the tall branch on the side of the suiban standing firmly and giving unique characters.(5-5-2011)

Vegetables and/or Fruits in an Arrangement

The vegetables and fruits can be arranged alone or combined with branches or flowers. What is important is to discover their true beauty which is not seen when viewing them as food items. Strawberries, broccoli and slender carrots were my materials to use for making this assignment. (5-5-2011)