Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Style - for Exhibition

We have Taiwanese American /East Coast Summer Conference every year in the week of July 4th. This is our tradition. Ms. Lin is invited to have a seminar in the meeting and to display the technique of Ikebana. She is also in charge of decorating entire meeting hall. We are assigned to assist her to arrange the flowers. (6-15-2010)

Wedding Reception Table Arrangement

Today we had a very interesting assignment,which we had to arrange reception table for wedding. This is a happy occasion , you want to express cheer and symbolize purity and sincerity of love for the happy couple. Wild rose branch combined with delicate hydrangea showing pink, blue and white. My white shiny ribbon around the branch set forth different taste. Everybody in the class admired its beauty. (6-15-2010)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You in Ikebana

Our teacher wants us to express ourselves in Ikebana as today's assignment. Make an arrangement by looking at flowers and yourself, and ask yourself what Ikebana you want to arrange from there. You can put your life stories and your philosophy in it. I used black container and painted black branch with light purple clematis
around it . The branches try not only to survive and work so hard to extend higher and farther. Finally new leaves come and flowers open. That is story of my life. (6-01-2010)
This is my mail box with two clematis around, one is white and the other is light purple .The yellow flowers are Stella D'Oro daylily.

Variation No.4 Slanting Style Nageire

When choosing to omit any of the main stems, Soe is omitted first. This Basic Slanting Style (variation No.4) , is composed 45 degree of Shin and 75 degree of Hikae without Soe and doesn't lose its balance . In most cases, as long as the work has Hikae, it can be somehow viewed as Ikebana. The Hikae, Gaillardia (Daisy-like flowers), are easy to grow and make good cut flowers. This picture was taken at home, which I forgot to take in the class. (6-01-2010)