Friday, February 27, 2015

A day of snow

 We canceled the class on Feb. 17 due to heavy snow.   I stayed home to watch the beautiful view from the window and arranged some arrangement for Massed Expression, Vertical Composition  and Valentine's day arrangement to enjoy myself. (2-17-2015)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In memory of Mrs. Marilyn Rubin

This ceramic art piece was created by Chih
I joined Ceramic Club three years ago, we have class on every Wednesday at 7 pm in The Villages of Flowers Mill community.   The Grist for the Mill Said "You don't need to be an artist -lots of instruction is provided. Everything you need is here". The advertise attracted me the group is very friendly,we share in the companionship and have fun especially Marilyn Rubin and Sid, her husband, are our instructors, who gave us a lot of artistic advice.  It was indeed a sad, both of them passed away lately. We, the friends the students,carried with them the memory and spirit of Sid and Marilyn Rubin.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Variation No.8 Combined Styles (Moribana and Nageire)

Using same material for Shin and Soe of both arrangements and make sure both side view and bird-eye view are in correct position.  (2-3-2015)
Lynn shared her half of the redwood to me which she purchased from New Hope flee market.   Having finished sanding and application of Danish Oil (Natural) it became a beautiful wooden piece.   Thank you Lynn !
Materials: Dried branch,,mini sunflower and mum.
Container: Ceramic vase and suiban ( created by Chih)

Basic Upright Style Nageire

Materials: Nandina, mini sunflower
Container: Ceramic vase
Materials: Pine, mini sunflower and baby breathe
Container: Ceramic vase and wooden stage
We used cross bar fixture in front of Ms. Lin  in order to make sure it is in the correct way.  It is necessary to stand Shin firmly and present the distinct line of Soe and Hikae. (2-3-2015)
I reused the materials to arrange the second arrangement on the wooden stage for my husband's birthday event..(2-7-2015)