Friday, March 18, 2011

To be Viewed from All Angles

While making this composition, you should check the arrangement from various angles,but doesn't mean to look alike from all directions. To create a composition which offers different forms or shapes depending on the angles viewed, and should have artistic tension and interest. Azalea branches with colorful calla lilies have completed my assignment. Front view and back view.(3-15-2011)

Only One Kind of Material

This arrangement only allows to use one kind of the material. In this lesson, I used Iris and a large Suiban with sufficient water surface. Using three Kabu to create fish pond like arrangement . I am happy with the idea for the composition. Below is Ms. Lin's demo. She used three groups of containers with different height and placement to avoid boring dullness. The top two pictures was taken from different angles.(3-15-2011)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Intertwining Plant Materials

The key point of this lesson is to choose the materials suitable for "Intertwining"; leaves, grasses or bendable branches which can be used for Intertwining. Intertwined two groups of weeping Willows with one braided grass stem toward the front and a group of Calla lilies in between. My teacher suggested me to move front the first container a little bit to improve three dimensional effect. It's worked. (3-3-11)

With Flowers Only

Those flowers were the left over of the last lesson. My friend Betty wanted to show her sister how we arranged the flowers in the class, and so I went with them.
Making an arrangement with flowers only, required two or more kinds of flowers. Before doing so, check the colors of the flowers first in deciding the overall composition. Try out as wide a variety of materials as possible. I had one Phalaenopsis orchid, calla lilies, two different colors of Mums and carnations. Develop your skill and express your feelings about them in this way. (3-3-11)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fruiting Plant Materials

It is hard to find any fruiting materials for us at the beginning of March, especially at Northeast area in U.S. So the teacher allowed us to stick branches into the fruits. The lesson turned out so interesting and we had a great time. In order to secure my big branch, I used Hananome technique, sticking four mandarins in angular shape of branch. The top mandarin was a strongest statement of this arrangement. I added a piece of driftwood, two pom pom mums and pines to complete my assignment. (3-1-11)

Keeping in Mind the View from Above

Last year, Ms. Lin gave me Yucca plant ,which I liked very much for their naturally mixed colors. When we have this assignment for today's lesson, Adam needle jumped right out of my mind . Combining two Pom Pom Mums to match it and colorful Calla Lilies are presented with the effect of the contrast in it. I used wide open space container to highlighten the water. Top one was taken from Above. I am delighted with it. (3-1-11)