Sunday, March 15, 2015

Composition of Mass and Line

Materials: Tulip,hypericum and kiwi vine
Container: Ceramic vase ( created by Chih)
This is  formed by tulips and hypericums. Two groups of mass gave an accent to the overall color and form.. The curved kiwi vine is stretched from the mass to create a wide open space between the mass and the line.   (3-10-15)

Arrangement for the entrance at exhibition room

Material: Mum, oriental lily, hupericum, dried branch ,monstera
Container: Trunk
 For designing entrance arrangement,it must fulfill some criteria. 
  1. It must stand from the floor up. 
  2. Attract people's attention.    
  3. The measurement of arrangement :  30"x 28"x 52"
  4. Sign, with activity's information in it.
For challenging this arrangement I need to start to work right now, although convention will be held on early July. (3-10-15) 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show - 2015 (1)

June and I , were volunteering to hostess at Flower Show on March 5 ,  Although  we got 7" of snow in Philadelphia area but we made it and performing our duty on 10 AM- 12 PM.  Because weather was not cooperated, Thanks God ! still have brave crowd show up.

Philadelphia flower Show- 2015 (2)

Three members from Ikebana International Philadelphia chapter #71  demonstrated on Thursday 1 PM at designer's studio. They are Donna Mustico represent Ikenobo School (left), Ann Perry represent  Ohara School(Center) and Lorraine Toji represent Sogetsu School (Right).

Philadelphia Flower Show-2015 (3)

I like flower hat  which designed by floral designers .

The Philadelphia Flower show opened to the public on February 28, Saturday  through next Sunday March 8. The 2015 theme-" Celebrate the Movies" with an emphasis on Disney. Floral Designers interpreted the 11 official Disney princesses. Rapunzel,Snow White ,Aurora,Ariel, Jasmine,Merida,Cinderella....
Designers were instructed to interpret movies without using actual props or replicating characters or scenes. In other words: show don't tell.
Posted for movies, It was a good ideal for our new project : Arrangement for the entrance at the exhibition room. We need at least three of this kind of arrangement for convention: for the exhibition room, front of cafeteria and entrance of convention hall.