Friday, October 31, 2014

Kamakura , Izu and Shimoda

The statue of Amida Buddha
Traditional Japanese wedding 

Shrine at Anoshima
The Dancing girl of Izu

Commodore Matthew C Perry of U.S.
Monument of Perry's landing -  Black Ships
阿吉姑娘服務的tea house
The beautiful Perry Street
Port of Shimoda  Coastline 

Kamakura was the first stop of our trip : A small town in Sagami which for several centuries was the second capital of Japan and played important role in Japan history. The statue of Amida Buddha (鐮倉大佛)was tourist attraction ,we also enjoyed local famous レらす丼(小白魚蓋飯)which was small white fish over a bow of rice very unique and made a delicious lunch.   After lunch short stop at Anoshima and then arrived Izu's Shimoda: Japan's first open port in 1854.
After Commodore Matthew C. Perry of the U.S. In 1854 the "Black Ships" arrived the port of Shimoda waked up and changed the Japanese history. Today's Shimoda retains a feel of the Old Japan in it downtown areas and still has its beautiful natural coastline. We walked through Perry street along a small canal and witness early 19 century what happened in this small fishing port.
When our bus drove into Izu Peninsula, Kawabata Yasunari's  "The Daning girl of Izu: jumping out from my mind the first love story of his. Kawabata Yasunari was a Japanese novelist,won him the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1968, the first Japanese author to receive the award.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ikenobo Exhibition at Grand Hotel Hamamatsu,Japan

We arrived  Hamamatsu city : Japan's city of Music and manufacturing town and home to some of the world's leading companies.  The area has a monopoly on the production of pianos in Japan. In addition,the city is known for manufacturing not just musical instruments,but also many other, such as textiles, automobiles and motorcycles. The birthplace of Suzuki, Honda,Yamaha,Kawai and Roland are located in Hamamatsu and have helped the city established its name.
One of the local products of Hamamatsu is "Unagi (eel) the city boasts the largest production of cultured eel and has over 100 years in eel cultivation. We enjoyed the eel dinner at local restaurant, In fact its truly delicious. We stayed in Grand Hotel, as soon as entering the hotel you noticed Ikebana exhibition over there  Wow! Its local Ikenobo school held the exhibit, we were luck just in time to enjoy the beautiful arrangement.  (10-11-14, the second day of tour)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Autumn- Using a variety of materials

Materials: Bittersweet,dahlia, zinnia, hosta, gaillardia and
Container: Two ceramic vase created by Chih

Using many fall colors-green,yellow,red,orange,white and more than 5 kinds of materials to arrange   them in harmony, The bittersweet connected two containers which created a large arrangement with same tone of colors combination. I took the bottom picture while I was ready to clean up. Its show another scene isn't it?  Arranged the day before go to Japan.(10-7-14)