Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shofuso - Japanese House and Garden

Escape to Japan in west Fairmount Park Philadelphia.  Shofuso, Japanese House and Garden is a traditional style Japanese and nationally-ranked garden in Philadelphia's west Fairmount park. A viewing garden with koi pond and island, a tea garden, and a courtyard garden comprise the 17th century-style Japanese walled and fenced garden of this historic site.     Our Sensei Ms. Lin provided one Ikebana arrangements to Shofuso on Aug. 17th to 19th, 2012 exhibition.

Guess who come for tea ceremony

Nature landscape of  Shofuso

Our  Sensei's arrangement

Inside Japanese style  kitchen

Tea ceremony room
Inside the bathroom(Furo)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paper and Ikebana - Glory

 Paper and Ikebana were our assignments for this lesson.  It was a free expression for us using paper with Ikebana arrangement. I was inspired by London 2012 Olympic games. Here are the flames, five Olympic rings  and gold medal.  It is glory !
Glory  - Liatris,coneflower heads,glorylilys and
black-eyed susans
My classmate susan's arrangement,pretty and clever.
Our teacher's Demo. another way  to arrange. So beautiful
and graceful.

With leaves only - at lease five kind of leaves.

Leaves of gladiolus,hosta, caladium ,calla lily,,coral bells
 and yucca.
My teacher, Ms. Lin's Demo. very beautiful and graceful .
 Although we had this assignment before, but Ms. Lin want us push one more step up. Try to use at lease five different kind of leaves.