Friday, December 23, 2011

Abstract composition

Using paper to create abstract composition with nagerie container was my assignment today. With teacher's help to add green paper changed the design and make the whole arrangement more effective. I love the idea.(12-20-11)

New Year's arrangement by Ms.Lin

After class, we had potluck to celebrate new year at Ms. Lin's house. The bottom arrangement was arranged at buffet table which was high up style, piping up with three same kind of container. It was a very unique arrangement for the holiday. (12-20-11)

Happy New Year

This is New Year arrangement for dinner table. Ms. Lin wanted us to use as less table as possible this time, so high up style was suitable for this occasion.
It is typical Japanese new year material to use pine,chrysanthemum,red Berry, red carnation etc. with decorative Mizuhiki (paper strings).(12-20-11)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas arrangement

Its time for Holiday arrangements. Red,green and white are the basic Christmas colors. Those holly which I took home from Boston at my son's house since Thanksgiving. It is still so fresh with red roses and white flowers. I used silver color spray to create Christmas arrangement. I arranged three different styles to finish all material . I have a lot of fun indeed.(12-06-2011)

Variation No8. Combined style Moribana & Moribana

Ms. Lin wanted us to look at the diagrams carefully and arrange it for this combined style again for today's class.
In this style each main stems must be placed at the exact angles prescribed in their Kakei. Total harmony is very important for combining the arrangement, although both of which are also well made with originality and their independent existence. (12-06-2011)