Friday, September 16, 2011

Demonstration by Ms. Lin

Betty,Lynn and I, took class from Ms. Lin for over three years. Because Irina Hurricane swept over East coast of US a lot of places had no electricity, no water and even water in the basement. Ms. Lin's basement was one of them. It was frustrating to deal with insurance co. and handyman.
But she came for flower arrangement demo. for us. We owe her so many thanks. (9-10-2011)

秋之展- 2011 (3)

With a lot of thanks to Betty Tsai, Doris Liu.Lynn Lee, Chih Huang and all the other Church members. It could not be so successful without their participation. Thank you again. (9-10-2011)

秋之展-2011 (2)

秋之展-2011 (1)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Harvest Exhibit

Grace Church Fall Harvest Exhibit held on Setember 10, 2011. Church menbers also prepared a lot of Taiwanese cookings for sale. Everybody enjoyed and had fun.