Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New container

I finished this ceramic container last month, There were a lot of trouble to put rope through the holes on the  handle. At first one hole of the handle was smaller than the other one and I tried to make it bigger with all kind of tools for couple of weeks. Finally the rope went through and Epoxy help me cure quicker and hold stronger. (7-31-14)
Materials: Calla lily, oriental lily and pine
Container: created by Chih

Midollino Sticks

Materials: Dahlia  philodendrons and midollino sticks
Container: Ceramic vase
Taken with  i pad  
I have giant wheel Dahlia (7 1/2') and philodendron from last arrangement at TAC/EC display.  I weaved a kind of basket from Midollino sticks last week. Suddenly got an ides and this was new arrangement for the day. I think the top one looks better.(7-30-14)

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Lilies

I have beautiful Calla lily, Oriental lily and Gloriosa lily this year. Surprise me, the calla lily bloomed 7" height  6 1/2" width and 7 flowers in one plant, as tall as 3 feet.  I purchased  oriental lily and gloriosa lily at Philadelphia flower show this year. They are my favorite flowers and in return they make me happy now.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 Taiwanese American Conference/East Coast -Ikebana Exhibition-3

Me in Ikebana by sensai Meei-Huey Lin
Artist: Lititia Chen
Dansbury Commons Room G-10  (Display/Demo/Workshop room)
Artist: Lynn Lee
Artist : Alice Chen

artist: June Wu
Artist: Betty Tsai

Artist: June Wu

Artist: Mary Swierczynski
Artist: Mary Swierczynski

Artist: June Wu

Ms. Lin's demo. "Me in Ikebana " was the high light in the entire flower display program. 17 students joining workshop included one gentleman.
Here was feed back from Doris "I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Exhibit; the concerted effort of the participants who displayed the best arrangements ever. Especially for the three members of the team,Mary , June  and Grazynka . There was no words could express my sincere thanks to you who attended the 45th TAC/EC out of the love of Ikebana. You are a true trooper! My hat goes out to you"
I have the same thought, without every body's effort, hard work this mission was unable to complete. Thank you and thank you! (7-5-2014)

Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Taiwanese american Conference/East Coast-Ikebana Exhibition-2

Artist: Chih Huang
Artist: Doris Liu
Artist: Anna Liao

Artist: Meei-Huey Lin
Artist: Doris Liu

Artist : Betty Tsai
Artist: Lynn Lee
Artist: Chih Huang

The entire Decoration team under our sensei  Ms. Meei-Huey Lin, we arrived on 7/2   around 3pm and unloaded all the materials included fresh flowers at the show room Dansbury Commons  G-10.  Our jobs were to decorate the auditorium and setup the display, demo.and workshop.  On 7/4 we performed 5 categories with 8 minutes each and Betty Tsai was our moderator for Demo.
  1. Glass and contemporary -  by June Wu
  2. Fruit and Vegetable in an arrangement -  by Chih Huang
  3. Vines or dried branches  -  by Lynn Lee
  4. Drift wood arrangement  -  by Lititia Chen
  5. Dried,bleached or colored materials - by Grazynka  shaarani
Ms. Lin's demo. was "Me in Ikebana". She expressed her life by making arrangement with various materials such  as red roses, mums, bamboo and sunflowers . After Demo.workshop, we had 41 arrangements to display at G-10 show room. (7-04-2014)

2014 Taiwanese American Conference/East Coast -1

Post for Ikebana Exhibitin design by Lynn Lee
 Left side stage decoration by Lynn Lee
Right side stage decoration by Lititia Chen
The 45th Taiwanese American Conference/East Coast was held on July 3 to July 6,  2014 at East Stroudsburg University PA, which located  famous resort area Pocono mountain.  The theme for this year is "America's Security and Taiwan's freedom".  Two distinguishes guest  Mr.Randy Schriver - (U.S. Rebalance to Asia and Taiwan) , Professor Aaron L Friedberg - (The future of U.S.-China Relations) were our key note speakers.   3/18  "Sunflower Movement" in Taiwan that students opposed  Ma's government
too close and depending on china in economic policies. They occupied legislation Department for 21 days.    We are grateful and thanks to students who attended the 'Sunflower movement.  Our stage decoration used a lot of sunflowers to show our support and respect.  (7-3-2014)

TEC Demostration-Fruit and Vegetable

Materials: Pineapple, apple, lime,lemon,squash ,yucca . tea leave,bamboo,
grapefruit, small yellow flowers,yucca and branch.

This was  practiced before the demo.
This is my piece for the demonstration.  I had practiced several times from up right style to horizontal, and had purchased three bundles of celery, two pineapples, green and red grapes, two bags of mini peppers, a bag of grapefruit, red delicious apples,lemons,limes, nectarine ,squash.... for whole week I had become veg.and fruit nuts !  And slits bamboo piece was borrowed from my teacher. It was relaid from Ms. Lin's house to Doris house and  I was the last leg, I went to Doris house to pick up the slits stick, because it played a very important roll in this arrangement.   July 4th 1:40 pm was our show time, I was scheduled to second demo. My theme  was" Fruit and vegetable" . And I was very excited. (7-04-2014)