Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 Taiwanese American Conference/East Coast -Ikebana Exhibition-3

Me in Ikebana by sensai Meei-Huey Lin
Artist: Lititia Chen
Dansbury Commons Room G-10  (Display/Demo/Workshop room)
Artist: Lynn Lee
Artist : Alice Chen

artist: June Wu
Artist: Betty Tsai

Artist: June Wu

Artist: Mary Swierczynski
Artist: Mary Swierczynski

Artist: June Wu

Ms. Lin's demo. "Me in Ikebana " was the high light in the entire flower display program. 17 students joining workshop included one gentleman.
Here was feed back from Doris "I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Exhibit; the concerted effort of the participants who displayed the best arrangements ever. Especially for the three members of the team,Mary , June  and Grazynka . There was no words could express my sincere thanks to you who attended the 45th TAC/EC out of the love of Ikebana. You are a true trooper! My hat goes out to you"
I have the same thought, without every body's effort, hard work this mission was unable to complete. Thank you and thank you! (7-5-2014)

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