Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Taiwanese american Conference/East Coast-Ikebana Exhibition-2

Artist: Chih Huang
Artist: Doris Liu
Artist: Anna Liao

Artist: Meei-Huey Lin
Artist: Doris Liu

Artist : Betty Tsai
Artist: Lynn Lee
Artist: Chih Huang

The entire Decoration team under our sensei  Ms. Meei-Huey Lin, we arrived on 7/2   around 3pm and unloaded all the materials included fresh flowers at the show room Dansbury Commons  G-10.  Our jobs were to decorate the auditorium and setup the display, demo.and workshop.  On 7/4 we performed 5 categories with 8 minutes each and Betty Tsai was our moderator for Demo.
  1. Glass and contemporary -  by June Wu
  2. Fruit and Vegetable in an arrangement -  by Chih Huang
  3. Vines or dried branches  -  by Lynn Lee
  4. Drift wood arrangement  -  by Lititia Chen
  5. Dried,bleached or colored materials - by Grazynka  shaarani
Ms. Lin's demo. was "Me in Ikebana". She expressed her life by making arrangement with various materials such  as red roses, mums, bamboo and sunflowers . After Demo.workshop, we had 41 arrangements to display at G-10 show room. (7-04-2014)

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