Thursday, March 9, 2017

My presentation-"Ikebana and Containers"

Materials: Dried branch, Dried grasses and Oriental lily
Container: Ceramic Suiban created by Chih

Materials: Hydrangea, Monstera, Fuji mum and Italian ruscus
Containers: Wooden receptacle and Ceramic vase, all created by Chih
Various of Containers

Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group was held the Second lecture Series  " Ikebana and Containers"  presented by Chih Huang.
The lecture series is a part of Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group continuing education program.
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Time: 11:00 am to 1:30 pm
Where: North Wales Area Library
                233 S Swartley Street
                North Wales, PA 19454
Without right containers, there is no beautiful Ikebana. Flower arrangement and containers work together to create Ikebana, and it is hard to choose which part is more important. Ikebana reflects the nature of earth and interpreting the moods of seasons.   Through creative use of certain containers, we are able to create fine art. Containers are integral to the entirety of Ikebana.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

" Winter" at New Hope- Inspiring Images and Ikebana

  # 1 on the  stage -  " Winter's Pane and Beauty"
Materials: Orchids, Fuji Mum, Quinces, Oriental lilies, Winter berries, Wax flowers, Spruces, Pine,Italian ruscus, Mums, Driftwoods, Barks, Branches, Greens.
Exhibitors: June Wu, Betty L.Tsai,  Ying Chen
#2 - "A Midwinter Night's Dream "
Materials: Bittersweet, Nandina, Carnations, Statice,
Hinoki, Mums, Siberrian dogwood, Dried hydrangea
Exhibitor: Lynn J. Lee
# 3 -  " Stillness, Calm"
Materials: Hydrangea,Painted branches, Baby's breath.
Stone, Pine
Exhibitor: Grazynka Shaarani

# 4 - "Three Friends of Winter"
" Suihan Sanyou"
Materials: Bamboo, Mungo pines, Quincess,
Spider mums, Alstroemeria.
Exhibitors: Doris C, Liu, Mary Swierczynski
#5 - "New Year New Hope"
Materials:Pine, Fuji mum, Portia, Winter berries, Wax Flowers, Painted dogwood branches,and Mizuhiki Cords
Exhibitor: Chih Huang

The Year of Rooster
Lunar New Year- January 28, 2017

New Hope Arts Features Art and Flowers in the Winter Exhibition. 

The exhibition, featuring paintings and photographs by invited member-artists, also showcases unique inspired winter floral arrangements by the members of the Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group-a regional non-profit organization of teachers and students of Ikebana- Japanese flower arranging.
Exhibition was held for nine days,  January 21-29  in conjunction with the Lambertville New Hope Winter Festival.
Sogetsu  BuxMont Study Group had displayed four of arrangements plus one huge on the stage arrangement, they are so beautiful and we did a great job! (1-20-2017)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Holiday arrangements -2016

Materials: Pine, mum,winter  berries, and golden  painted bamboo.
Container:  Ceramic bastket made by Chih
New Year festival
Materials: Pine, silver painted dogwood branches,
carnation, red poinsettia , and winter berries.
Container: Ceramic tall vase made by Chih
Merry Chrismas

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Holiday House Tour

My teacher Ms. Lin participated Noristown Garden Club Holiday House Tour event, I went with Sensei Ms. Lin arranged two arrangements at 99 E  9th Ave, Collegeville, PA;  President's house of Collegeville University.  Those two arrangements were so beautiful and different from others, people love it and enjoyed the tour.
The members of Garden Club sold about 2,000 tickets,$25 each for the event, they really did a great job.  Thank you Ms. Lin for gave me this great opportunity to learn something behind Ikebana.( 12/8/2016)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Longwood Gardens Exhibition-2016

Ikebana International Philadelphia #71 participated " the annual Chrysanthemum Festival "  at Longwood Gardens on October 29 - October 30, 2016.    Exhibitors from Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group are Betty Tsai, Chih Huang, Doris Liu, June Wu, Lynn Lee. Pat Lee and Mary Swierczynski  displayed at ball room of the main Conservatory of Longwood Gardens.
BuxMont Study Group were assigned five space which are #2 ,19.20.21 and 22.
Space #2: Black 8'x 4' platform, 8" from the floor with background 5'10" gold screen 
viewed from left side

Viewed from right side
 There were 22 arrangements in total which included Sogetsu, Ohara, Ikenobo three major schools participated in this event.

On Friday, October 28, the gate opened for us from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm for set up.  All arrangements must be in place by 9:00 am on the Saturday morning, October 29.

Take- down is scheduled for 6:00 pm on Sunday, October 30.
We were so happy and honor for the opportunity to displayed at one of the world's great gardens, longwood's story is one of legacy,inspiring people through excellence in garden design,horticulture education and the arts.
Materials: Dogwood branches with red berries,pine, Fuji mum,spider mum,
garden mum,bamboo,stone and sponged gold paint on red sliced bamboo.
Container: Flower pot.

This huge arrangement arranged by Doris Liu,June Wu,and Chih Huang.

Materials:Spider mums,nandina branches,berries
and wood stump mat.
Container: Granite vase.
By Pat Lee
Materials: Burning bush,dogwood branch,
 phalaenopsis, driftwood and succulent pumpkins.
Container: Two ceramic vases.
By Mary Swierczynski

Materials:Winter berry,pink ornamental cabbage,red and pink
mums,statice, driftwood,green and wood mat.
Container: Ceramic vase.
By Lynn Lee
Materials: Bamboo,pink ice,protea,
seeded Euc nakes,spruce,golden rod,
sliced bamboo and Kimono Obi.
Container: Ceramic tall vase.
By Betty Tsai

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Arts and Crafts Festival Exhibition at VOFM

Materials: Dried hosta leaf,mum and bittersweet.
Container: Ceramic vase made by Chih.

Materials: Painted dried allium and zinnia.
Container: Ceramic vase made by Chih 
 The Village of Flowers Mills Community held Arts and Crafts Festival Exhibition on October 23,  2016 from 1: 00 pm to 4:00 pm.    I demonstrated two arrangements at 2:00 pm for Garden Club and Ceramic Club.  The Ceramic club have class every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for garden club.. 
You don't need to be an artist-lots of instruction is provided. The group is very friendly we shared in the companionship and fun.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall into Ikebana

The Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group was established by Ms.Meei-Huey Lin on May 2016 in the suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
The Group has actively participated in many flower arrangement exhibition in the area, including  Philadelphia flower show, the exhibits at a local church and Taiwanese -American  East Coast Conference.   "Expand Love of Nature and Creativity through Sogetsu Ikebana" are our goal and mission.
Fall into Ikebana (center piece)
By Sensei Meei-huey Lin

Brokeback Mountain
By June wu

Moon Shine
By Lynn Lee
Twin Towers
By Latitia Chen

By Trina Bayne
Autumn Splendor
By Karen Nemeth

Golden Fall
By Betty Tsai
My Fall  into Ikebana
By Grazynka Shaarani
By June Wu
Evergreen Fall
By Mary Swierczynski
By Ying Chen

Embracing the World Tall
 and Firm
By Pat Lee
Ikebana and Food in Dialogue
By Betty Tsai

By Doris Liu
Wandering Around Nature
By Lynn Lee
Enchanted Melody
By Doris Liu
Dancing with Me
By Meei-Huey Lin

Go Modern
By Meei-Huey Lin
By June wu

Moon Dance
By Jessica Milleo
By Pat Lee

Autumn's Loss
By Mary Swierczynski
Fall Festival
By Latitia Chen