Sunday, December 24, 2017

Leaf Manipulation by Ms Yuri Ishizuka

Throughout this demonstration, I keep in mind that although a particular leaf can be manipulated in a variety of ways, but to keep it simple, clean and focused.  It is a compilation of many of the techniques to create with leaves in a contemporary way. Once it is shaped we can use staples,wire, cable ties, or thin double-sided tape to hold the leaf in place.
I hope in the future I could experiment with various different types of leaves.


November  16, 2017  Ikebana International Philadelphia Charter was held a special program Leaf Manipulation by Ms. Yuri Ishizuka; a Senior Professor of Ikenobo School,   the highest Ikenobo diploma- Jun Katoku 15, a Special Teaching Member. She teaches at Nippon Club in NYC and holds workshop at Tiffany DesignStudio. She has also exhibited widely, including at the United Nations, the Metropolitan  Museum of Art and the residents of Japanese Consulate General.

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