Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group Second Annual Exhibition-1

Moon Festival
By Chih Huang
By Trina Bayne
Moving On
By Karen Nemeth
Fading Dreams
By Grazynka Shaarani
Don't Give Up
By Sensei Meei-Huey Lin
Autumn Joy
By Lynn Lee

Stand by Me
By June Wu
Pieces for peace
By Mary Swierczynski
Happy Halloween
By Betty Tsai
Success is almost always based on inconveniences -
 by John Mclelland

Yes, that for sure we had been working so hard for this event.
We came to set up on Friday the moment suitcase full of tablecloths and skirts,  screens, bamboo all over on the floor and students were looking for table to place their arrangements.  It was like a magic overnight,  turn out  so beautiful on the exhibition.

Designed by Chih Huang
The Mid Autumn Dream
By Sensei Meei-Huey Lin

This year we have Demonstration , by Sensei Meei-Huey Lin. Workshop by Grazynka Shaarani.
And Raffles by Doris Liu -for fund raising which drawn at 12:30, 2:30, and 4 Pm.

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