Friday, July 19, 2013


Material: Wisteria, stokes' aster ,gazania
Container: Ceramic suiban -self made

Wisteria vines were from my teacher's garden. Mary gave me yellow daisies with brown base,  just perfect to match my triangle container. Although it was not my original material ,but I like it just the same.  (7-16-13)

Vertical Composition(Moribana)

Material: Calla lily,yellow hammer, hydrangea,stokes'aster

We repeated this composition in Moribana.Three beautiful stems upward with their natural lines vertically arranged. There is no rule as to the ratio between length and width. The bottom picture  shows where my flowers came from.(7-16-13)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free arrangement

Iris leave , yucca , daylily, gaillardia and Leucadendron
At ceramic class, I finished this pond like 17 1/2" x 8" big container.  Iris,yucca leaves were arranged in the pond with one daylily standing out which make the arrangement more interesting.  Driftwood  was added beside the pond to extend the whole arrangement. (7-2-13)

Out line of large arrangement on 8x5 ft table

Using small objects and scale for outline arrangement on 8x5 ft table - Front view
Back view
This was my small objects and scale to exercise this assignment. The large arrangement on 8x5 ft table should view from any angles and bird's -eye view.  A 5 ft long skin from tree was found in the woods last year which will be main object of this arrangement.(7-2-13)