Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Variation No. 1 Slanting Style Nageire

This was my last lesson for book one Happy!. In the class Ms. Lin demonstrated again the basic technique to secure branches in the vase. Cross bar fixture , Vertical type fixture or Direct fixing always a challenge for us. The Calla Lily and Euonymus were preserved two weeks ago, so I enjoyed cost free this time.
This arrangement is the reversed positions of Shin and Soe from Basic Slanting Style. It gives different look, simple and nice, right? (3-16-2010)

Multiple miniature arrangement

In order to improve my photo skill, I purchased a new camera Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 and took pictures again. I think this picture had better shot.(4-07-2010)

This assignment had to use at least 5 objects or containers,and arrange in a tray or piece of paper or a map. The purpose of this lesson was to train us to have a ideal of Ikebana in a free style manner and geometrical sense.
It was very interesting and also difficult. I exercised it in my house couple of days before the class. This was after Ms. Lin's Magic touch. (3-16-2010)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Focusing on the Uses of Water

In this lesson, water is regarded more consciously as an element of the composition. There are various ways of using water, such as emphasizing the water surface, showing the water through a transparent vase. I used left over bamboo from New Year arrangement, and arranged upside down. With three white calla lily which created different composition and also expressed meanings of water. I am so delighted , since my teacher likes my arrangement. The top picture I took at home with white background. Does it look better? (3-2-2010)

Variation No 2 Upright Style Moribana

This was the first class, since last winter storm . We canceled one class on Feb. 16 due to limited parking spaces and concern about driving safety. Finally,we were so happy to have class on March 2nd. I took this assignment for my make up class, which was made by reversing the positions of basic upright style. (3-2-2010)

Winter Wonderland

This was a storm for the record books, and for the second time in less than a week. A powerful storm that began Tuesday night and continued throughout Wednesday and sent the seasonal snow total for the region over 65.5 Inches. The snow remover came to shovel and blow the snow for us at 3:30 am Thursday in the morning. It was so pretty out there those pictures I took on Wednesday when blizzard attacked our area.