Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the woods

Hydrangeas,Hosta  and  moss on the wood

Sun flower,Hosta,Japanese iris leaves and a piece of wood
Taken outside. Hydrangeas was given when I visited Betsy's garden
We had garden tour in our community last weekend.  People try to use every square inch of ground in a small space and a small yard, so cozy and pretty. But you can not miss the powerful display of Hydrangeas.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have fun - not test

Azalea,mums,peace lily,and hosta leaves
For the second part of arrangement,teacher gave us materials and go.We had to finish in 25 min. This is my creation within 25 min. We really enjoyed and have fun, for Japanese flower arrangement are for pure enjoyment and never judged. (6-19-12)

Focusing on the uses of water -chater 2

Angled Yucca leaves,two calla lilies and one petal of gloriosa lily
Demo.from Ms. Lin . It is so pretty.
Our teacher was not feeling well last time(class was canceled). So we have same title today for the class, using the glass container and inside the container will be the focal point of the arrangement, as if it is a stage of the show. After lesson we learned something and got a better idea.(6-19-12)


Four yucca leaves,one peace lily and mums.

My teacher Ms. Lin gave me Yucca plant two years ago. It's growing healthy and beautiful now.  I like nature beauty of yucca's leaves. Here is my arrangement for Yucca leaves. Peace lily and mums were taken home after class. (6-19-12)

New container

The material was given to me by Ms. Lin. At home, I arranged in the new container which I purchased  in Kyushu Japan.(6-20-12)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Focusing on the uses of Water -chater 1

Three Calla lily, stricta grass and flirtation orange(Diascia hybrid)
container: glass vase (11"'x8")

Curve calla lily stems and flowers of  flirtation orange floating between them. You will discover an unique focal point inside the glass vase.
 Extend the glass container as if it is a stage of the show. Therefore inside the container will be the focal point of the arrangement.(6-5-12)