Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keeping in Mind the View from Below

Ikebana is not something to be placed only on a table or a desk, but you can be displayed on top of or on a cabinet shelf or on a pedestal. If the arrangement is placed above eye level, it is to be viewed from below. The composition must be made by taking this view into consideration. To practice this arrangement, you can bring a box as a pedestal to put on the table and then put your container on it . In this lesson, Ms. Lin said, we got the point to express well. We should always keep in mind, as Ms. Lin said "Less is more" and " group the flowers". Sometimes it slipped from my mind, but after teacher's magic touch it looked quite different in the top picture. (2-2-10)

Variation No.5 Slanting Style Moribana

This Variation No.5 Style means to place Shin, Soe of basic slanting style and their subordinate stems in one Kabu, and Hikae and its subordinate stems in another group. Be aware that this composition is made up of two Kabus, and two groups should not be loosely apart,but they are to be arranged to express the scale and extension.
Beautiful Azalea branches make the composition look elegant and delight. (2-2-10)