Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dried,Bleached,or Colored Materials

In this lesson, one of the dried, bleached or colored materials alone can be arranged,or can be combined with the fresh plants. Dried walking sticks were tied together with two Pampas grass combined with fresh flowers to finish my assignment. At the begining the two Pampas grass were apart ,it looks beautiful from the front, after teacher pointed out to move closer, it could be viewed from all directions. So amazing !(2-15-2011)

Simplified Arrangement

"Less is more", our teacher always remind us on every class,every arrangement. By removing unnecessary parts from the materials is always essential in making arrangement.
The subject of this lesson is simplified by the composition to its LIMIT. The beautiful line of lilac branch, one yucca leave and one peace lily flower to express to its maximum effect. Ms. Lin said my composion is so delicate to be good for meditation.(2-15-2011)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Color of the Container

In this lesson ,we have different approach and try to focus, develop your ides of the arrangement from the container.
So many ways to express your compositions on the material by contrast or same tonal range in color, or container and flower materials have the same color to create unity, or color of the materials are harmonizing with the color of the container etc.
Hot pink container has been used in this composition. Focusing the container, I used same tone of materials, such as;dark hot pink Gerbera daisies, pink paper with black accessory to emphasize the color of container.(2-3-11)

Composition of Mass and Line(Straight or Curved)

Combined Mass and line in one composition is the subject of this lesson, but do not mix the straight and curved line together in one arrangement.
Dried weeping willow was bent to form the curved lines,which are contrasted with hydrangeas mass.(2-3-11)