Friday, July 11, 2014

TEC Demostration-Fruit and Vegetable

Materials: Pineapple, apple, lime,lemon,squash ,yucca . tea leave,bamboo,
grapefruit, small yellow flowers,yucca and branch.

This was  practiced before the demo.
This is my piece for the demonstration.  I had practiced several times from up right style to horizontal, and had purchased three bundles of celery, two pineapples, green and red grapes, two bags of mini peppers, a bag of grapefruit, red delicious apples,lemons,limes, nectarine ,squash.... for whole week I had become veg.and fruit nuts !  And slits bamboo piece was borrowed from my teacher. It was relaid from Ms. Lin's house to Doris house and  I was the last leg, I went to Doris house to pick up the slits stick, because it played a very important roll in this arrangement.   July 4th 1:40 pm was our show time, I was scheduled to second demo. My theme  was" Fruit and vegetable" . And I was very excited. (7-04-2014)

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