Thursday, November 13, 2014

Noto peninsula , Kagaya (能登半島,加賀屋)

"Senmaida " literally means one thousand rice paddies
Mitsukejima rock: one of the most popular spots of the coastal area

This was our lunch -Chirashi at local restaurant 

Arrangement in Kagaya

Kagaya  lobby's flower arrangement
Arranged in the water
In the water arrangement 

The  musician  performed a Japanese music
Dinner at Kagaya

Performance of drummer during the dinner
Can you count how many dishes?

We came to Wajima because it Asaichi market (morning market)  has been around in Wajima for hundreds of years and is a place you can buy local produce,seafood and other produces. But due to typhoon 19 we found nobody there but us next morning.
In the Noto Peninsula you discovered different side of Japan.   It is a place where traditional fishing,forest and agriculture method are preserve to this day.Peninsula is know for its beautiful coastal scenery.
At lunch time we stop at local restaurant which Dean found 海よ友よfrom online; a typical Japanese restaurant their Chirashi was excellent and price was the best.
That night we stay at  Wakura onsen hotel " Kagaya" is being continuously won the overall "first place" for" 33 years in a row"
Open air private onsen tub
Because our youngest daughter came with us (3 in 1 room) in return we had biggest room plus open air private onsen tub. Are they interesting ?(10-14-14)

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