Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gifu 岐阜城

Statue  of  ODA Nobunaga
Old-fashioned Japanese house at Kawahara Machi
Kawamara Machi
Kawamara Machi Ath

Nagana river Cormorant fishing event

 Master piece  in Gifu Grand hotel  front entrance
Whole view of arrangement

basket for Cormorant
Gifu's famous lantern

Gifu city is located in the center of Japan, The city has played an important role in Japan's history .Although it is the capital of Gifu prefecture, it is blessed with an environment full of natural beauty, We enjoyed  the richness of nature histories streets and buildings,traditional festivals and exciting events.
After taken early dinner we went to witness Nagana river Cormorant fishing. Ukai is the fishing method to which a fishman catches fish using a cormorant and has performed for about 1300 years.
(10-12-14 and was third day of trip)

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