Thursday, July 9, 2015

TAC/EC 2015-Burning flowers-4

Burning Flowers花燃ゆ
By Chih huang 杜智惠 
Demo.Basic Upright Style Moribana
By Betty Tsai
Demo.Combined Styles  Moribana and Nageire
By Lititia Chen
Full of Tenderness 含情脈脈
By Carole Hsu 楊遠薰
The star is Born
By Lititia Chen 陳月娟
Harmony 和聲,融諧相處
By Vivian Fu 林郁子
Dancing in the Early Summer初夏之舞
By Anna Liao  張圓
Three cups of Tea 以茶會友
By Chih Huang 杜智惠
Nature Melody 自然組由
By Lynn Lee 陳玲珠
We name each arrangements so that it can communicate with audience themselves.
 Since every one of our members has passionately devoted to Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement.and have expressed their bountiful and creative arrangements under Ms. Lin's instruction and make this event so successful.  (7-5-15)

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