Thursday, July 9, 2015

TAC/EC 2015 -Wide Lily Movement -3

Wide Lily Movement 野百合之戀
by Chih Huang 杜智惠

Bottom of my Heart 心思所在
By Chih Huang 杜智惠
Reaching up Tall 高昇
By Mary Swierczynski  瑪莉

Strength 揚眉吐氣
By June Wu 吳雪容

A Wonder in the Desert 沙漠奇觀
By Doris Liu 張秀美
It's Beautiful out There!  眺望
By Betty Tsai 林麗芸
Dacing in the Wind 隨風起舞
By Betty Tsai 林麗芸
Wide Lily Movement and Sunflower Movement although there were twenty four years apart but it represent the raging waves of democracy in Taiwan.

The Ikebana Exhibition included:

  1. Ms. Lin's lecture "Introduction and Philosophy of Ikebana.
  2. Three demonstration by Betty Tsai, Lititia Chen and June Wu.
  3. Workshop conducted by Grazynka Shaarani.

Peace of Mind  塵夢禪心
By June Wu 吳雪容

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