Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Harvest Exhibition 2013 (3)

Material: Mum,sunflower,boxwood,driftwood and dried branch.
Material:Spider flower,boxwood and midollino stick
Material: Cockscomb,vine
Material: Dahlia, yucca, mum and hosta leaf.
Material: Carnation,zinnia calla lily leaf and midollinostick
The Exhibit consists of 22 arrangements placed throughout the hall.  Grace Church is grateful to this exhibition's Ikebana practitioners for their effort to come to the church and each person presenting three or five pieces of arrangements. The exhibit included flower arrangements and home grown flowers, vegetables and fruits.
 Ms. Betty Tsai gave us Tea ceremony presentation at 11am to noon . It enriched entire event .Thank you all.  Above were my arrangements.  (8-31-13)

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