Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chrysanthemum and Japanese Culture

 A demonstration by Emiko Suzuki, Professor 1 st grade of the Ikenobo school of Ikebana, started her study of Ikebana in 1986 in Japan with Master Fujii.  Emiko was allowed to arrange flowers freely for five years and then began traditional Ikenobo lessons for 16 years. She devoted to the study of advanced Rikka in Kyoto, 2006 a full year. Emiko's unconventional training has resulted in her unique Ikebana style.    Emiko is also an instructor in the art of tea ceremony. she opened the western NC Japanese Culture Center to share her love of Japanese culture through Ikebana, tea ceremony,and Japanese language lessons.

The bottom four arrangement were prearranged by II members at opening luncheon meeting hall.(9-24-15)

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