Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vines and basket

Materials;Pussy willow ,Mum  button pom and aspidistra leaf
Containers:  Two ceramic vase 
  Orange painted willows were arranged in two different size containers.  The two vines are arranged in a good balance. Yellow Mum coordinates the white mum and the leaves between the two vases so they are finely combined.(5-5-15)

Materials: Calla lily, aspidistra leaves. palm and branch
Container: Basket and two ceramic suiban
I got this beautiful antique basket from Ikebana auction.  It was 36"width and 8 1/2" depth shallow basket and I made two ceramic suiban to fit the basket  for water. The calla lily was given by June, and I used branch aspidistra leaves, palm all from last week activities flower exhibition at Grace church  it still in good condition.(5-5-15)

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